What Have We Worked On?

The Profit Margin

The profit margin is fundamental to all business. It dictates the level of success. Jamie Delargy and Naomi McMullan take a look at what businesses in Northern Ireland are doing to make a profit and how they can learn from international experience and bring their success to the world. Produced in association with the Ulster Business School, The Profit Margin, supported by First Trust Bank, delves deep into the big issues that affect everyone trying hard to make a living and grow their business. It illuminates the lessons of success, confronts the obstacles to progress and celebrates achievement. Expect lively debate and occasional humour. After all, life’s too short to stay broke or miserable.

Sealing The Deal Podcast

In this, the first part of a 3-part series, we are looking at the run-up to Belfast Good Friday Agreement. Narrated by Quintin Oliver, the Belfast man who ran the successful Yes campaign in the Referendum for the Agreement, we hear the remarkable stories behind the headlines from politicians and key negotiators. (Content Owned By Bauer Media)

3 Steps to Thrive

80% of small businesses fail within 1 year. Each Friday join James Lam as he interviews enlightening guests who each provide 3 simple, actionable and practical steps to improve the business and the owner.

If you are serious about improving yourself or you business, tune in each week and hear tips from experts ranging in topics from accounting to achieving zen.

Moving Home With Charlie

Video production for a YouTube Channel

Best Agent

Video production for a YouTube Channel

The Manouche Boys

Audio & Video production for a Wedding Band - Promotional Material.

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